Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thanks Tasty and I R Bad Blogger

A big thanks to Tastytaste of Blood of Kittens for posting my article on Tzeentch on his site.

I'm not going to lie, I've been a bit burned out on 40k lately. But this might be the spark that reignites my passion for 40k. Part of the problem is that my friend who I play the vast majority of my games against plays Blood Angels and I don't have enough pew pew in my CSM list(s) to take down all his Storm Ravens, Dreads, and possibly a Vindi or two.

I apologize to the few readers I have for not updating more regularly, however one thing I refuse to do is to "break" news that BoLS, YTTH, Warseer, etc. have already gotten to.

I would like to have this post not be completely fruitless, so I'll leave you with two blogs I read on a daily basis and that inspire me as to what this blog may one day accomplish.

The first is Blood of Kittens, which has some very unique things like the community pimp, 40k D-bag (because drama can be hilarious if you're far enough removed from it), but what drew me originally was the coverage of all the GT's around the country (and Canadia).

The second is Brent's Strictly Average. His posts are precise, intelligent, and pretty freaking funny. As a plus he lives roughly in the same geographic area I do. His e-mails with Ron of FTW was quite amusing, as well as his stalking of Jawaballs.

Lastly, something I listen to every day as I am a huge Pardon the Interruption fan is The Tony Kornheiser Show, if you like sports (even though it is WAY more an entertainment show than a sports show) I HIGHLY suggest giving it a listen a few times.