Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1st Relevant post

A copy of what I ran at the 1250 night.

2x Daemon Princes (Mark of Slaanesh, Wings, Warptime)

3 squads of 6 Plague Marines with 2 meltas, a Plague Champ with PFist, and dedicated Rhino

2x Obliterators

So my first night at the FLGS's Tuesday Warhammer night. I was surprized about the turn out. A little over a dozen guys there, most painting, a couple watching, and a couple painting/building. There were Blood Angels, 'Crons, CSM (I was the 3rd CSM player), IG, Templars, Nids, SM, etc.

I ended up playing against the Templar guy. He had only come back to the game recently after taking 2 editions off. We played kill points and I lost barely but it was a fun experience. It was fairly different than playing against Vanilla marines. They are going to be scary once they get a dex update. He said he usually plays Dark Eldar. I have limited experience against anything except SM, BA, and 'Crons. Went well, one of my 2 Princes rolled horribly and whittled down his 10 man squad surrounding his Emp Champ to 1 person + the HQ. The other Prince wrecked house until the last turn in the game where it was LITERALLY every unit he had up against my Prince. I think I would have won the game had I not rolled miserably on my Oblit's shots, or you know, managed to remember something as trivial as the fact that my Plague Marines have Blight Grenades. I guess being part of being a newbie is forgetting something at least once a game. It was also an unbelievably slow game since we both had to look up entirely too many things.

I do have one bone to pick about the folks at the FLGS. No one plays objectives. Everyone kind of lines up and just meets in the middle and goes. Totally takes away a large element of strategy from the game. To the tune of 2/3's of the entire damn game. Kills my eternal soul.

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