Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Tourney/Wall of Text

So at last week's Warhammer Night I played against the new Nids and got tabled by a 1500 list that put Bone Swords and Wings on everything he could. I wanted to weep at the thought that there was nothing my plague marines could do as I promptly got tabled (for the first time ever) at the end of turn 4.

My second game was against a Ruff Rider IG list which was honestly a lot of fun to play against. He used an executioner and let me be the first to say that that thing is aptly named. That damned tank was brutal MURDER. Where we had decided to end it I won 1-0 but had it gone on it would have been either a tie or (more likely) a loss.

I didn't play this weeks Warhammer Night because I was spraying a couple models and didn't want to scrap together a 2k point list. I did get a chance to use my google machine and look up the only convention in Oklahoma where there is a 40k tournament. It's in that dreaded backwater known as Stillwater. The name of the Convention is StillCon, which is in its 2nd year. According to the website "We are a community of gaming guys and gals who want to keep the gaming convention, formerly known as Steelcon, going in Stillwater, Oklahoma."
I did some research, asked the organizers some questions (found out it was a 1.5k tourney instead of what was advertised as 2k) and got promptly signed up. It's 20 people and there will be $150 worth of 40k GW product going as prizes. It's a Rogue Trader Tourney which doesn't mean a whole lot to me as this is my first tournament ever. It's march 26-28 with the 40k tourney on Saturday the 27th. It's only $20 for pre-registration for the whole weekend (even though I'm only going for the 40k). They will have Magic, Legend of the 5 Rings, 40k, and miniature painting competitions. They will also have open games of Munchkin, Panels, open RPG games like D&D, and samurai movies going on that weekend. In the incredibly vain hope that someone out there other than yours truly reads this you should check it out and offer me some advice.

In other random news, I picked up "A Thousand Sons" and read the preface by Ahriman and thought "Damn that's good!" But before I begin it I want to finish reading "The Inquisition War" omnibus which I am only a few chapters in on the second book. It's good so far, lots of twists. As far as my favorite Heresy books go, Legion is definitely number one. The first three are great, I'm a Black Legion player and I definitely enjoyed them. Eisenstein was good but I kinda got bored with it but it definitely gave (for the most part) a lot of good closure. Fulgrim was good but a bit of a long read and started to get me uninterested when it wasn't talking about the Primarchs.

I'll be browsing the other blogs and BoLS and such for advice on my first tournament. And of course working feverishly on painting and constructing my models (got my melta bits for my PM's today!) Hopefully I get everything done in time!

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