Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am a student at the University of Oklahoma. I began 40k after a friend had introduced it to me many moons ago (some time in 3rd Edition). During that time I really loved the story but never had an overwhelming desire to build and paint my own army.

I began making my own army in May '09 (with my money I got from selling my books back that semester). While I wasn't playing I 40k I spent a lot of time on various wiki's (most notably Lexicanum) and spending hours reading about various aspects of the universe. I was and still am enthralled with the Primarchs, Horus Heresy, and all of the circumstances involving their fall.

I am a FNG and a pretty scrubby painter, but am constantly trying to improve and all comments and criticisms are welcome. I decided to start this blog because I spend entirely too much time on BoLS and reading other people's blogs.

With that out of the way, I am going to my second 40k night at the FLGS playing a 1250 list (that I will hopefully be able to post tomorrow with results.)

Here's hoping that everyone doesn't wipe the floor with me.

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