Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Tournament Battle Reports Pt. 1

Game 1: So my first tournament game ever I played a guy who used Ultramarines. It was his first tournament as well and we had to wait til 15 minutes in before he had returned from his hotel room to get his list and then he only had one for the judges so it had to be copied. It was awful! I don't want to bash the guy but there's something to be said for knowing what stats your weapons are without having to look EVERY turn. He also felt the need to use his laser pointer to check his models LoS all the time. Other than that he was a pleasant follow to play against. He ran a Termie Librarian with Smite and Vortex had a TWLas Razor, 1 10 man tac, 1 5 man tac, a Vindi with 2 storm bolters, a Dread in a drop pod with meltas, a 5 man scout squad (missiles and lascannons), a devistator squad (with Missles and lascannons too) and a group of termies with 4 PFists and a sgt with a Psword.

I have the scenario list in front of me and it was Capture and Control (aka 2 objectives) & Spearhead. I placed mine in a ruin close to my table edge with a rhino full of Plague marines, a DP, and 2 Oblits. He placed his in a ruin as close to the 12" dead zone as possible surrounded by scouts with his 10 man tac about 6" away from the objective. My Vindi, 2 rhinos, and a DP are lined up side by side to roll into him as fast as possible (these are also not even 12" from my objective ruin) with a lone Oblit in a ruin as close as I could get him to a balcony. Turn one comes and his drop pod with Dread comes in and takes a shot at one of my rhinos (due to scattering too far from the Vindi) and his termies come in and shoot at my vindi getting nothing. Takes some pot shots at rhinos and such and gets nothing. I fly my Prince and take out 3 of 5 termies and wipe them out on sweeping advance. My Obliterators blow up his Dread. and my Vindi blows his Vindi's cannon off. He immobilizes my Vindi and one rhino still staying back and shooting. I rush my lone unscathed right into his loose blob and they get blown out of their rhino and eventually wiped out later.

It gets down to turn 4 or so and we have 30 min left and I haul my Plague Marines from the immobilized rhino with a daemon prince flying close by gunning for that objective since mine is completely safe due to the vast distance. I am fortunately able to move my DP 12 and assault 6 to contesting his objective and assaulting with my plague marines the turn later since his 10 man tac squad had moved to get better shooting lanes and ended the game 2-0. I scored 17 for controlling both objectives and +1 for destroying his highest point cost unit. He scored 3 with the same bonus. Final 18-4.

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  1. Good job on your first tournament. Hail chaos!
    Did you only have 1 oblit?