Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scrubtastic Newbie Advice and Other Things

If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait about 5 minutes. Yesterday started out 70 degrees and sunny, ended rainy and somewhere in the 50's. Today (the last Saturday of Spring Break) it's in the 30's and SNOWING. We had/have a Blizzard warning.

So to start us off I have actually gotten around and done some work on my models, just in the nick of time as I have ~7 days before my first tournament. Unfortunately I ran out of spray to prime my models, but I'm not procrastinating for once! While I wait for GW to mail me my black spray I've been working on the bottom half of my Daemon Prince (Done), I finished assembling all models except Obliterators and the Daemon Prince.

This brings us to something I plan on making a sort of column for this blog for beginners from beginners. Scrubtastic Newbie Advice, I dredge through the trenches of the interwebs so you don't have to.

I recently pinned my first models the other day and found a wonderful post on Dakkadakka ( Since I was pinning Melta guns to my Plague Marines (in various poses), I used process #2, which is about 1/3 of the way down the page. I am also planning on possibly using method 1 on my Daemon Prince's wings if I don't soley use green stuff.

Green Stuff, A God Send
So I've read a fair amount on green stuff and for a completely inept painter/modeler such as myself this product is fantastic. It takes a little bit to get the epoxy and hardener to mix thoroughly and the consistency is slightly thicker than silly putty but it works wonders. I used mine to join a Powerfist to a Plague Champion in a way that wasn't going to work with the way the plastic on the fist was. Left mine on the window sill so that it would cure faster and worked like a dream.

I also used washes for the first time today, but that post is for another day. At Tuesday's Warhammer Night, I was unmercifully abused by a mech Eldar list. It was my first time playing against Eldar so I completely expected not to go out with a W. Part was the mission we played (Dark Eldar's Feigned Retreat). I figured I should try out some of the Battle Missions since there is a possibility that some may be at the tournament. Another factor of my downfall was I had absolutely no idea what my target priority was. Of course having 9 out of 10 shots from my Obliterators was about as much help as having the Demolisher Cannon blown off my Vindicator turn 2. When we called it at the top of turn 4 I had 2 kill points to his 5.

My next game was against one of our group's 2 I.G. players, we rolled for the mission with 2 Objectives and Dawn of War. I lose the roll for first, and because of the infernal rule that I have to start 18" from him, I start about 6" off my own board edge. Great. We both placed our objectives in ruins on the same side of our respective deployment zones. I castle up a Plague marine squad with a Winged Nurgle Warptime DP in a ruined building with my objective and toss my other Rhino by the other end of the board.

Being that I am the lowly new guy and he's returning after having taken all of 4th edition off we both think we have to roll for the rest of our deployment to come on, so until turn 5 when a vet tells us we're doing it wrong we keep rolling for things only to both be disappointed by horrible rolls. This also lead to me trying to deep strike my 2 Oblit squad to the flank of one of his tanks only to have them scatter off and mishap into destroyed. Yay! I also (incorrectly) tried something similar with my 2nd DP only to have fire amass into him as I forgot you cannot move or assault after having Deep Struck. Doh! The game ends a tie with my base force tearing apart anything that gets near and him more or less chaining my 3rd Plague marine force while my Possessed Vindi advancing and whittling away his force claiming his Objective. I have to say the Vindi won MVP. The second to last turn the vindicator takes 3 or 4 1's and 2's. The last turn my opponent said screw it and threw everything he had at the Vindicator (8 or so glaces and pens) only to come up with all 1's and 2's.

Our FLGS owner, we'll call him Brad, also apparently had a horrid night of rolling and at one point stormed over to the trash can and violently threw all his dice away. He confessed to throwing them away "so no one would take the stupid cursed dice and use them against me."

To Do
Paint Rhinos
Paint Plague Marines (waiting on Primer)
Paint/Assemble Daemon Prince (waiting on Primer)
Paint/Assemble 2 Obliterators (waiting on Primer)

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