Monday, March 29, 2010

StillCon Results and Breakdown

Wow, so first let me say I had a TON of fun at my first tournament. Met some interesting new folks, saw some pretty sweet armys, and even saw 2 new guys from my local gaming store. The 3 of us who played (there were 2 others at the tourney who didn't play as one came with me and the other was GMing some D&D) it was our first tournament. Alas I did not win best newbie (damn painting scores!), but a fellow from our store did so I was definitely happy for him. The field we played in was a strange one but there were only 18 players (out of a max of 20 slots) and one guy had to leave after the first round to drive 6 hours to Nebraska to pick up his mom or mother-in-law who had broken down, ouch.

Here's the breakdown of the armies represented:

Blood Angels (PDF) -1
Chaos Daemons -1
Chaos Space Marines (including your's truly) -3 (and I might add the other 2 played Slaanesh lists without Lash DP's)
Dark Angels -1 (this was sadly played by the unfortunate guy who had to leave early)
Imperial Guard -1
Space Marines (Vanilla) -5
Space Wolves -1
Tau -2
Tyranids -3

Initial reactions? I was shocked to see no Orks or Eldar. I was also surprized to see that:
A. Tau made up ~10% of the tournament
B. Someone had actually brought Dark Angels
C. There was only 1 IG player

Granted this is a local tournament and there were only 18 players.

My goal, being my first tournament, was to finish better than last place in terms of both Overall and Generalship. Tomorrow I'll post my general reps and some shoddy pictures taken with my iPhone.

How'd I do? Well my first match I scored 18/20 (Massacre) against some Ultramarines>
My 2nd match I scored 19/20 (Massacre) against PDF Blood Angels (which weren't supposed to be let in as they were only doing bound Dexes but whatev's)
Great right? So in the 3rd and final round I ended up playing on Table 1 to determine (hopefully!) 1st in Best General against a pretty hard Tyranids list. Unfortunately I lost 7-14 on Battle Points but I placed 4th on Best General! The fellow who beat me didn't win the prize but when we looked at the Excel spreadsheet for the points he had the most Battle Points so we're not sure how he didn't win Best General. The point spread from 1st to 4th was all of I think 5 points. There were some crazy lists out there and I definitely lucked out with not being matched against a few folks but I ran a solid list in my opinion (

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  1. Glad you had fun. Lots of good people at tournaments and I learn a lot whenever I go.


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